RIP – Charles (Chuck) Furniss

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my very close friend Charles Furniss.
Chuck led an illustrious life, serving in the US Army as a rifle specialist, as a Virginia State Trooper, and most recently, as the gun smith for Gupton’s Sporting Goods/ in Henderson NC, where he worked with his wife Betty.
Chuck was a champion FTR shooter and a member of the North State Shooting club, and he also earned a NRA National Record in long distance high powered rifle shooting during a competitive career that spanned more than half a century . . . .
Whenever Janet and I had questions about competitive shooting, Chuck was always there with valuable advice and kindly coaching, a true friend who was always there for us.

Chuck Furniss with Debby Perry
Always friendly and approachable, Chuck was a great inspiration to all of those he knew and he will be greatly missed.
Chuck Furniss Facebook page