The ITT Tech Scam?

The ITT Tech scam?
I was recently chatting with a young lady in a doctor’s office and she told me that she was doing a work-study with ITT Technical school. As a former teacher I recognized that she was a mouth-breather with dull eyes, so I asked her what the “ITT” in ITT Tech stood for, and I stumped her! She could not tell me the name of her own school!

Evidently, I’m not the only one who notices how people are ripped off by this ITT scam:
Reddit discussion on ITT
Like many computer professionals, I work at-home sometimes, and it seems like every 5 minutes there is a TV ad for ITT technical school, claiming that they can produce people in certified professionals such as “engineers” and “computer scientists”.
Real scientists who have suffered through four-years at a large university immediately recognize ITT as a scam, but it is even more outrageous when you realize that ITT Tech is advertizing to the at-home crowd in unemployed people, that bottom 5% of your high school class, who does not want to work at McDonalds anymore.
At the end of the day, it is us taxpayers who pay for the defaulted loans from ITT technical students, gaming the Title IV grants and loans.
There is a blog titled ITT Tech Sucks
Any school that takes out ads on television is likely a scam. . . .