Arabian Cosplay!

We don’t like to play dress-up like the Civil War re-enactors, but the women in my life take great delight in Arabian Cosplay.
Part of the fun of having Arabian horses is taking them to horse shows and dressing-up in Arabian regalia.
Here is our daughter Jennifer Kittleson in her fancy Arabian costume:

Apple Computers subliminal advertizing on TV

When I saw the latest Apple TV commercial I nearly shat my britches!
The song was playing a Pixie’s song from 1988, with children playing a song that is all about a giant penis!

Here is the ad, in case you missed it:

This choice of song was no accident!
Apple’s wizards of Madison Avenue are master of subliminal advertizing, and the latest TV ad for Apple is no exception!
According to Wikipedia, the lyrics of “gigantic, gigantic, gigantic, a big big love” refers to a black man with large naughty bits:
Wikipedia on Apple ad song
“The song’s voyeuristic lyrics mostly revolve around a woman’s observation of an attractive black man making love to another woman, culminating in the oddly light-hearted but sexual chorus: “Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic / A big, big love”.”
Since the song was release way back in 1988, few of the younger crowd would realize this subliminal advertizing.
I guess that the message Apple is going for is that if you buy an Apple you will grow a set, but to older folks like me, it sends the message that Apple owners are giant dicks.
The ad executives that designed this commercial knew that the Interweb would be abuzz about this dickish ad, and carefully crafted way of making suckers like me write a blog entry to expose the hidden message.
I’m not the only one to notice this subliminal message:
Apple TV ad features a giant penis!

Live featherless chicken

This is a real photo of a live rooster with a skin condition that has caused him to lose all of his feathers.
Sort of like a plucked chicken, but this fellow is quite aive and healthy:

This chicken looks plucked-up

Drink more cat milk!

Restaurateurs and connoisseurs know the value in non-cow dairy products.
For centuries, dairy products from goats and other small mammals has been highly-prized.
For example Roquefort salad dressing tastes exactly the same as blue cheese salad dressing, but it costs 5x as much, largely because of “snob-appeal”, and the scarcity of people willing to milk tiny goats all day.
Let’s take a closer look at drinking cats milk

More teats, more milk
In the dairy industry it has long been observed that cats have double the teats of cows, hence twice the source of pure cat milk:
Breed            Number of teats
horses            2 teats
cows              4 teats
cats                8 teats
dogs             10 teats

The cat milk craze can be traced to the Middle Ages when drinking cats milk was a sign of being erudite and showed that you had veracity and the patience to milk the cats.
Infinitely varied, cat milk is heavily influenced by breed, and cats milk from Siamese cats is the most highly prized, while the milk of larger cats (Tigers & Lions) has a more robust flavor.

What does it mean whan a horse has chrome?

With California Chrome winning the Kentucky derby, people are wondering what it is when a horse has “chrome”.
California Chrome has great “chrome”, a chestnut stallion with four white legs and a white emblazoned forehead.

California Chrome
A great example of a horse with lots of chrome is or Arabian Stallion Tha Dude,  a black stallion with four white stockings and a white blaze on his forehead:

Tha Dude
The Dude has a great pedigree  and he is is at stud in 2014, and it is hoped that his babies are homozygous for black color, meaning that he will only sire black horses.