Gupton’s: A great gun shop in Henderson North Carolina

After a long year being assembled, I recently received my first competition rifle completed, a half MOA beauty which I call The Flame, due to Janet’s excellent flaming paint job on the fore-stock:

This beauty is accurate to inches at 1,000 yards in the hands of an expert marksman, but as a neophyte, I’m happy just hitting the target.

As a beginner in long distance rifle competition I’m often in need of expert assistance, and I’d like to thank the nice folks at Gupton’s for their great help!

The folks at Gupton’s Guns in Henderson NC are super-friendly and share decades of experience in firearms.

Gupton’s also carries an extensive line of designer ladies handguns, in colors to match any wardrobe.

For any gun needs in Henderson NC, Gupton’s is the place to be.