See through toilets!

This, the latest in public potties from Houston.

On the inside, it has a creepy “safety feature” whereby you can see anybody approaching.

I would feel uncomfortable taking a dump in this crapper.

It’s true, the modern toilet was named after the inventor, Tom Crapper:

Thomas Crapper: Inventor of the modern toilet

interpreting sex in images

People always interpret visual images with sex, it’s human nature!

Check out this innocent photo of a lamp:

And this one. Guy’s are quick to see some naughty bits, where none exist:

That’s her armpit, you perve!

I also like this double entendre from the 1960’s:

This image is used in psychology tests.

Children will see always seven dolphins swimming . . .

But after puberty, people interpret this image as erotic:

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all

Happy Thanksgiving!

The photo below is real, not shopped. I love the expression of President Bush’s face as he gets goosed by a Thanksgiving turkey.

Don’ be the caught getting pecked on the pecker

Whether you are traditional, a hippie or a redneck, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

And be careful frying-up that turkey!

The best small caliber .22 target pistols

The .22 caliber pistols are a great way to learn pistol shooting because the ammunition is 10x less expensive, and a high quality .22 target pistol can nuke a squirrel at 50 yards with the standard iron sights.

After weeks of careful evaluation, Janet and I have completed our research into the world’s best target pistols.

We were surprised how many accurate .22 pistols are out there, some of which retail for thousands of dollars:

The Walther GSP/C Expert – $2,000 popgun

From this group, we chose the Ruger Mark III model 512 in stainless steel:

This was our choice for the best target handgun

Check out these novelty shooting targets:

Percentage of American bastards by race

Wow, this is sad.

The sanctity of marriage is long gone, complete moral decay of a part of America . .

41% of American babies are born out of wedlock

“Children of unmarried mothers of any race are more likely to perform poorly in school, go to prison, use drugs, be poor as adults, and have their own children out of wedlock.”

Please note that this data is heavily skewed by race, indicating significant racial differences about the importance of wedlock, as of 2008:

– 17 percent of Asians are born as bastards
– 29 percent of whites are born as bastards
– 53 percent of Hispanics are born as bastards
– 72 percent of Blacks are born as bastards
– 66 percent of Native Americans are born as bastards

Wearing the skin of a corpse! Necropants!

In Iceland they have some mighty strange customs, such as “necropants”, clothing right out of “silence of the Lambs”.

Basically, you skin a corpse and wear the corpses skin as your britches:

“you have to get permission from a living man to use his skin after he’s dead.

After he has been buried you must dig up his body and flay the skin of the corpse in one piece from the waist down.

As soon as you step into the pants they will stick to your own skin.”

Real necropants from Iceland

via tywkiwdbi

Beware of terrorists keistering a gut bomb

I support TSA reform, all because of this ridiculous notion that it is racist to single-out people who look like potential terrorists.

Some hippies will scream “racial profiling!”, but many American’s see nothing wrong with examining the faces of all known terrorists and using that valuable information to profile potential killers . . .

TSA buffoon mistakes an elderly white man for a Muslim extremist

Don’t touch my junk!

When I get a physical from an attractive lady doctor, I always insist on the testicle check, turn your head and cough!

And it’s not just me, a free grope from a hot TSA agent will make many guys happy . . .

Personally, I have not had my junk touched by a stranger in a long time, and I will always chose the “opt out” option if it is offered by a comely lady TSA agent!

Please, touch my junk

But the grabbing of junk is an adults-only thing . . .

However, it’s a problem since Muslim terrorists have already coerced small children into killing themselves and inccocent people . . .

But it’s not right, TSA molesting children in the name of safety:

How long until the TSA starts doing colonoscopies on children?

The Gut Bomb as a weapon of terror

It used to be that the chili dogs at the Varsity were the original Gut Bombs:

What’ll you have? The original gut bomb

But today the threat is from another type of gut bomb, keistering.

A free colonscopy with every airplane ticket

The new airport security screenings, as obtrusive as they are, are not going to stop any savvy terrorist who has spent time in prison.

Evidently, any ex-con from the “in crowd” knows how to slather a large bolus of C-4 where the sun don’t shine.

Uranus: The TSA’s final frontier

I wonder how long it will take ubntil your airline ticket comes with a complementary colonoscopies from TSA??

. .