Redneck campfire tales

Ah, there is nothing like a goold ole Redneck campfire . . .

Nothing like sitting around a redneck campfire the roasting puppy peters on a stick:

The best trigger pull action

It’s hunting season in NC and the smell of gunpowder fills the air, reminding all Americans to support our 2nd Ammendment right to bear arms:

We all have the right to bear arms

Janet loves her Ruger .357 GP100, a lovely gun for the gracious lady, feminine but not pretentious.

Best of all, it’s extremely well-balanced with a trigger pull of about 3 pounds and feels as smooth as snot on glass:

The pull on the Ruger .357 Magnum GP100 is smooth as snot on glass

I wanted a rifle, but I wanted a versatile gun with these characteristics:

– Switch to cheap ammo: I’m cheap, and .223 caliber ammo runs 60 cents each for long range kills but you can get a .22 conversion kit (for about $230) allowing you to shoot six cent bullets!

– Fast switch between manual sight and scope: The AR15 has a great manual sight up top 200 yards with special sight clips to change sights from manual sight to a high-powered scope without loss of zero.

I would feel like an idiot using a scope to shoot a rat at 100 yards.

The best rifle to fit my needs is a Colt AR-15 heavy barrel match target rifle, allowing you to kill a home intruder at up to a third of a mile away.

My AR15 with a .22 ammo clip

Unfortunately, I found the AR15 trigger to be a hard jerky pull (4 pounds), gritty and spreading my patterns.

See my notes here on the choosing the best low caliber target rifle for you.

The inherent mistakes in limited testing

Different people see things different ways, but narrow-minded people only see things in one way.

The old saying is quite true:

“When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

That’s why it’s important in science to take a look at the whole picture, never relying on a single test case to infer the behavior of a universe:

This image is a perfect example:

A question of perspective is fixed by adopting multiple viewpoints

Funny advertising product placement!

I love the primitive product placement that keys-in on a search phrase, often with hilarious results.

Today’s word is Anatidaephobia – The constant fear that you are being watched by a duck.

Check out the ad:

Fear that you are being watched by a duck