Origin of Hells Angels

The original Hells angels name came from a Howard Hughes 1930 WWI movie, showing the real Knights of the 20th century.

These fighter pilots were real-deal heroes who did life-and death battles in the skies over France.

In 1930, Hells Angels was the most expensive film ever made at the time:

The original Hells Angels movie poster

According to the Interweb, the movie was re-done by Bill and Hillary Clinton, re-named as “Hill’s Angels”:

Remember, everything on the web is real

Hells Angels in WWII

Later, the first “real world” Hells Angels were a squadron from the famous Flying Tigers in WWII.

My family had one of the Flying Tiger as a house guest in the 1960’s, and he was a clean-cut All-American hero who regailed us with lots of great battle stories:

The WWII Hells Angels were part of Chennault’s China volunteers to fight the Japenese despite overwelming odds.

Here is one of the first “real” Hells Angels, a clean cut officer and gentlemen, undeniably brave:

One of the first “real world” Hell’s Angels

Postwar Hells Angels as outlaws

In the 1950’s, the name “Hells Angels” was stolen by Hollywood for the Marlin Brando film “Hell’s Angels on Wheels”, and after that the term Hell’s Angels started applying to motorcycle rider criminals, wearing leather jackets and silly hats.

Marlin Brando looks silly as a “bad boy” biker in the movie Hells Angels.

It was only in the after the Brando movie that the term Hell’s Angels began to refer to dirty unshaven, hippie-like critters on motorcycles:

Today’s Hell’s Angels: Hippies on wheels

IMHO, the original WWII Hell’s Angels were a much tougher crew than the bikers, any day.

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