Smear Campaigns and funny denials

With the midterm elections approaching fat, it was great fun to see Christine O’Donnell fall for the oldest smear campaign trick in the book.

It was hilarious watching her on TV, paying good money to deny that she is a witch!

Denials are the goal of smear campaigns

This year we see smear campaigns everywhere, like Meg Whitman spending $150m on her own campaign.

Evidently, Meg has enough money to burn a wet mule.

It take lots of money to burn a wet mule

The origin of smear campaigns dates to the 1930’s, according to Robin Williams on “The tonight Show” last night.

“I did not have sex with a Chicken”

It all started with LBJ, (who has been swiftboated as a fake war hero asswipe).

LBJ was running for congress asked his campaign manager:

“Please spread the rumor that he had sex with a chicken.”

The campaign manager allegedly replied:

“But sir, it’s not true.”

LBJ replied:

“That’s OK, I just want to see him deny it!”

I did not have sex with a chicken

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