A Murder of Crows

As a descendent of Celtic Priests, I was familiarized with all of the Omens of nature, mostly as a “fun” thing to do as a child, but you could tell that my Irish ancestors really believed in the natural omens.

I thought it was all crap myself until I started see omens myself.

Crows as a bad omen

Anyway, we now have a family of crows on the ranch!

It started by two parents hatching 4 eggs, but the Damn babies inbred, and we now have a boatload of inbred cute baby crows hopping all around the barn!

Crow chicks: a pile of bad news

A flock of crows of called a “murder” and that what I’d like to do to them . . . .

The barn girls (Janet, Jen & Jael) love them, so I’m in deep kimchi if I shoot these creepy birdies.

Deep KimChi

Frankly, I want to shoot them (they have a “crow season” here in NC), but I must realize that it’s just ancient superstition.

Crows as unlucky omens is merely superstition

Only my Celtic family tree believes that a crow is a bad sign (a “transformation”, an omen of great change, not necessarily bad), and my Indian Cherokee ancestors viewed the crow as the keeper of the laws of the Great Spirit.

So I must learn to tolerate these creepy crows . . . .

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