Learning Falconry

The Greenbrier Resort has a Falconry program, and for only $98 per hour, they will give you a demonstration.

The program is off the resort site, and the tours are full of screaming kids and yankee tourists.

At $200 for two, it’s a major tourist rip-off, but it is interesting to know that learning the sport of falconry requires a license, passing a test, plus a multi-year apprenticeship.

They also train owls and eagles to hunt small prey like rabbits and ducks.

They tell you that the falcons are super stupid, and that once you cover-up their prey with your foot, they forget that it’s there!

Once their blinder hood is on, they think it’s night and you can handle them easily.

Yawning animals

Yawning is contagious among all mammals, not just people:

In other animals, showing of teeth indicates aggression.

Man, check out the ears on this yawning critter:

Cats yawn all the time, lazy creatures.

Do otters sleep in watwer?

Ann de Wees Allen; Quack of the year

The J-Walk Blog has noted a new Internet scammer, “Dr.” Ann de Wees Allen, who gets my vote as quack of the year.

Check out her “Medical biography”.

It reminds me of phony scientists from overseas, all gobberish and nothing concrete:

“Known in the industry as the “Alpha Scientist,” Dr. Allen is in the forefront of scientific breakthroughs, including Nanotechnology, NanoMolecules, Quantum Chocolate, Genetic polymorphisms in Dysregulated Arginine Metabolism, Sickle Cell Polymorphisms, Thalassemia, Blind Amino Acid Riders, L-Arginine Isoform Pathways, and Edible Computer Chips.”

That’s right, Edible Computer Chips.

Watch his quack in action:

And if you need more proof that Ann de Wees Allen is a quack, see this:

“Shalom, they call me the Alpha Scientist. I own a nutraceuticals company; I own a Human testing facility in the University of Florida and have hundreds of researchers working under me.

I am a multi-millionaire many times over for my patents.

One of my patents was named breakthrough product of the year by success magazine and I beat Bill Gates out that year for the award.

It is always nice to beat Bill Gates at anything I think the message I want to deliver is: I am head of the Agel medical advisory board, the Scientific advisory board so anything that goes in your mouth is my responsibility.”

I like this redundant quote, clearly written by an idiot:

“I am a multi-millionaire many times over”

Back breasts

I never heward of “back boobs”, but I’ve seen them at Wal-Mart . . . .

Back breasts, range from sexy to icky . . . .