Kids bad spelling can get their parents jailed

Teaching spelling is critical skill for toddlers and elementary school children.

Most parents don’t know it, but a failure to teach spelling to your kids can get you thrown in jail.

Imagine what the teach thought when she got this homework assignment:

In this case, the little girl misspelled “tucks”.

Brad Clayton triumphs against tragedy

Our good friend Brad Clayton was on TV last night, a great story about a saintly PGA pro who shares the story of how he lost is arm:

Overcoming adversity with golf

Brad is a PGA master professional and PGA teacher of the year for the Carolinas. Despite his handicap, Brad is an inspiration to all!

Brad donates a lot of his time teaching golf to disabled veterans and underprivileged children, showing all how to overcome adversity with a positive attitude.

More reasons to love Judge Judy!

Judge Judy is my guilty pleasure. I love the way that she tell it like it is, saying things that most people are too polite to say.

She calls people idiots to their faces and freely insults and demeans all sorts of nefarious people who deserve a stern tonic. I love it when Judy gets to rip into welfare cheaters, adulterers and thieves; it’s the best of reality TV.

This one is typical Judge Judy, absolutely outrageous. You can’t make-up stuff like this. This is Judy is at her best, dressing-down this scumbag:

I love this one too, a super fat lady who is being sued because she broke the crapper:

If this sort of thing appeals to you, check out Judge Judy’s great book “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining”. I highly recommend it!

New Chicks at the ranch

This time of year the birds are reproducing and one of our hen’s just hatched three baby chicklets:

We can only keep these “giant” Americana chickens (one of the first breeds in America, a favorite of the Colonial Americans). We need huge, mean chickens becauase the barn cats and feral coons eat the smeller foul. Everything here gets eaten by something else, so Mom and the chicks must be caged:

They must live in the safety of a cage to pvenet them from becoming a snack for the coons, cats, foxes and other sundry varmits.

Once they are grown they will have sharp spurs and be big enough to seriously injure a cat, and then they can go free . . . Seriously, you don’t mess with these chickens, they are mighty nasty!

In other changes, after many years of faithful service, Jen3 has been promoted! She now reports to Robin, our resident nuclear engineer:

Jen3, in turn, is being replaced by J. L., who will help Clayton to groom the horses:

Welcome J. L.!

Eating tapeworms to lose weight

It’s not an urban legend, people really do swallow tapeworm caps to help them lose weight!

I’ve personally known a women who deliberately ingested “visitors”, by swallowing the “tapeworm cap” that sheds from the end of the worm! Allegedly, tapeworms help you eat your food, right from the safety of your own gut. But I must add, the woman who claimed to do this (Gertrude Voss) was an ex-Nazi nut-job who came to America from postwar Germany and she was always fat, despite her ingestion of tapeworms!

Tapeworms fore dieting used to be an accepted practice

According to my sources, the tapeworms share your meals, and once you are thin, you just get de-wormed, just like your dog!

But in the 21st century we have other options for ingesting intestinal parasites, Japanese cuisine:

Sushi – Your best bet for intestinal parasites