Calling the KKK

Telephone the KKK, yes, it’s listed in the phone book!

I Googled Henderson North Carolina, and found this entry on Wikipedia:

Henderson is known for its exceedingly high violent-crime rate. Henderson’s crime rate — per capita — is more than double that of Los Angeles or New York City alone, more than that of both combined, and is near-triple the national average.

It also has signification problems with unemployment, poverty (over 40% of Henderson’s children live in poverty), and drugs. In addition, it has the Ku Klux Klan listed in the phone book.

The KKK in the phone book?

Really? Sho’ nuff, the KKK is really in the phone book! You can call and listen to a recorded hate message!

(Warning: This KKK recorded message changes monthly and it may be offensive to some people)

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