How celebrities fly on commercial airlines

In these tough economic times, celebrities are abandoning their private jets are moving to lower-cost alternatives such as Netjets, a great semi-private jet company with reasonable prices. No TSA Nazi’s, and always point-to-point:

Netjets – How celebrities fly comercial

We know a few celebs and more and more they are dumping their private jets, choosing to fly commercial instead. It’s a green thing . . . .

Flying with the famous – celebrity boarding status

When we fly with our guide ponies for the blind, the blind person gets the “celebrity treatment”, a special deal where the airline “hides” you in an enclosed area near the gate with a private attendant.

Only after the flight has fully boarded do the celebrities get on, just before the cabin doors are closed.

I’ve often wondered how the airline chooses those for “celebrity” boarding status. It must be super-embarrassing for ex-celebrities to ask for special treatment only to be told that nobody recognizes them anymore.

Celebrities checking out my wife!

I was on a flight awhile back when a pair of NBA basketball players sat down in the same aisle as me and Janet. One guy was at least seven feet tall, he reminded me of my distant cousin Tommy Burleson, a former basketball star:

Tommy Burleson at the Olympics

Anyway, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that one of the NBA stars was checking-out my wife!

Sure, Janet is stunning, but why would a zillionaire kid be checking-out a lady twice his age? Janet noticed him too, and she enlightened me.

Evidently, sports superstars are very conscious of “luxury brands” and he was checking out Janet’s bling!

She was right! One of these guys has a diamond stud earring that was so large that it covered his whole earlobe, and at least a full pound of gold “bling” . . . He kinda looked like Ali G.:

Anyway, Janet said that he was “checking out our brands” . . .

Noel was traveling in a Coach bag, and Janet has her LV wallet, Hermes sweater, Brooks Brother’s shirt and Prada bag, not to mention her super-expensive “Air” sneakers . . .

Gee, I guess that we are still fashion trend setters . . . .

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