Derogatory airline lingo – Shamu’s aboard!

I was on a flight last week, and I overheard the flight attendant say to someone over her radio:

“We have two Shamu’s on this flight”!

She did not see me, and I’m sure that this was not meant to be heard in public, but it got me to thinking!

What’s a Shamu?

It took me a minute, but I figured out that they were referring to grossly obese fatties, fake disabled people who eat themselves into a wheelchair and then demand special treatment. It’s like the kid who kills his parents and asks for lieniency because he is an orphan!

Shamu’s are what the airlines call obese passengers!

I swear, one of the Shamu’s was so huge that he could not fit down the aisle and had to take the first-class bulkhead row. These are the pricks who demand special treatment and double-seats, claiming to be disabled, all because they eat 5,000 calories a day . . .

I have no sympathy for Shamu’s, and I applaud the airlines for assigning them this derogatory name. BTW, it was this airline, and they like Shamu’s, since they charge them for double seats:

The Shamu plane for flying fatties

Overeating IS NOT a disability, its willful misconduct!

This lady is not disabled, she eats too much . . .

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