Revolting Ephebophiles!

I was watching some crime show on TV and heard some new words, the “hebephile” and the “ephebophile”. A Hebephile is not someone who finds Jewish people sexy, it describes perverts who find teenage girls sexually attractive!

I’m really glad what some underemployed shrink found the time to bless us with these new “philes”, fancy words to describe these revolting sexual perversions.

Ephebophiles are sexual deviants who find teenaged girls attractive. For Shame!

It seems like TV is always trying to be more shocking. First we had pedophiles, then necrophilia, ephebophilia, paraphilia and now hebephilia . . . What’s next?

Evidently, hebephilia and ephebophilia are common disorders among young men, hence the old adage “15 will get you 20”:

Yes indeed, 15 will get you 20 . . .

How do we stop the ephebophiliac epidemic?

It’s estimated that over 95% of adolescent males suffer from ephebophilia or hebephilia, a national emergency of epic proportions!

More research needs to be conducted into this problem and aggressive treatment plans need to be devised to stop this most horrendous form of sexual deviance. . . .

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