Book self-publishing enables copyright theft and plagiarism!

I recently purchased a computer book on Amazon. When the book arrived, the content looked very familiar, and I know why, I wrote a portion of this book! copyrighted my work without my knowledge or consent!

I worked for hundreds of hours writing my book, and it really frosts me to see my own words attributed to some thief named Flavia D’Souza, and copyrighted by a scumbag self-publishing outfit called Lulu. did not even take a minute to see that this author copied portions of the book from numerous other authors. You cannot even reach Lulu by phone (919-459-5858), it’s just an answering machine. That’s always fishy. . . .

Lulu is not a small operation, and it looks like I’ll have to spend thousands of dollars on their crap, not to mention attorney fees, all to protect my own Intellectual property rights from an irresponsible publisher.

It should be a requirement for a publisher to take a few minutes to see if the work is stolen. There are many sites that quickly identify stolen book content, it’s not hard, and it’s due diligence for every publishing company:

Detecting plagiarized content on the web

It appears that even allows anonymous people to publish books, amazing!

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