The origin of the word "faker"

The origin of the word faker

One of my pet peeves are “fakers”, posers who pretend to possess expertise and qualifications which they did not earn. The interweb is full of foreign, self-appointed experts and posers. I really hate fake engineers and fakers who give themselves fancy titles:

Posers love fake job titles

In college, I remember learning that a “faker” was a derivative of the word “fakir”, an Indian swami who dazzled people with feats of magic and illusion. Here are some “fake” accolades that I’ve seen used by fakers:

This thread has an interesting discussion of the origin of the word “faker”, with evidence that a faker is indeed derived from the Indian word “fakir”:

The “fakir” – Origion of the word faker

“I have seen a turn-of-the-century postcard with the caption “Fakir’s Row” at the annual Brockton (Mass.) Fair.

I’m sure this was not a row of Hindu holy men but rather more like what Tatyana says: magicians performing their various smoke and mirror acts.”

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