Yummy Ant Snack Food

I’ve eaten all sorts of weird junk fod, from tiny dried fish to squid jerky, but I draw the line at eating bugs For the ultimate healthy snack, try toasted ants . . .

Me, I would have to be toasted to try them . . .

Poop traps for dogs!

Do you hate picking up steamy festering dog turds when walking Fido?

Well, it’s the Poop Trap to the rescue!

Yes, with the poop trap, Rover craps directly into a sanitary bag.

Have your pet crap into a bag, delightful

Properly fitted over Rover, the poop trap should also stop projectile diarrhea.

Really, what could possibly go wrong with this new invention?

When I travel with our blind people and their guide horses, we don’t use diapers and we make sure that the ponies are completely housebroken before letting them sleep in beds:

Choosing dog boots

Choosing the right dog boots is critical to keeping your dog safe from foot abrasions and warm.

Many pet owners misunderstand the concept of dog boots:

They make dog boots for gay pet owners too:

It’s also important to choose the right size of dog boots for the dogs comfort and safety:

Besides the utilitarian functions of dog boots, it’s also important to choose dog boots that don’t obviously look like clothing. You don’t want you dog to look like a person:

When it comes to choosing the right dog boots, you can be sure that your choice of style will make a statement about you to everyone who sees your dog wearing them. Guess what this says about the owner?

Our blind folks are very creative with their guide horse shoes, creating custom horse shoes for their seeing eye ponies, check it out:Creative horse shoesThis is Cheryl with her guide horse Confetti. Confetti is wearing custom dress shoes to match her gown, very elegant.

Of course, the blind folks cannot see the shoes, and I don’t complain, even when they might look a tad “silly”. Personally, I think that cowboy boots for ponies is over-the-top, especially the spurs:

No more good Samaritans in California

This article serves to warn people not to stop and try to assist someone in California, you could get sued!

“A Good Samaritan whose well-meaning but careless rescue effort injures an accident victim can be sued for damages, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.”

Good Samaritan laws protect people from liability, so they can attempt to save people in life-threatening situations, a very good idea. I wonder how many people will die needlessly in California because nobody would stop to save an injured motorist?

It’s that “I don’t want to get involved” attitude that kills people, acts of the Bad Samaritans:

Here is a list of States with Good Samaritan laws.

But Good Samaritan laws only protect “innocent” bystanders; it does not stop a litigious asswipe from accusing you of causing the accident!

A few years back I served on a jury whereby a Good Samaritan stopped to help someone, and that person later accused HIM of causing their accident!

Years ago when Janet was trapped in her car after a bad accident, she was saved by people who helped her escape from the burning wreckage. That’s one good thing about country folks; they will help you, no matter what the law says . . .

Have a Pagan Christmas!

It’s funny how many of our celebrations are based on ancient pagan holidays.

It was interesting to learn that long before the birth of Christ, the ancients celebrated December 25th as a holy day.

In 4000 BC the ancient Egyptians celebrated the birth of Horus, on December 25th, a deity who was also born to a virgin mother, visited by 3 wise guys, and who was crucified, only to be resurrected three days later.

The original St. Nicholas (circa 270 AD) was a Catholic priest with a foot fetish. It is said that he stalked around at night and depositing coins in people’s shoes.

Check out these bizarre Christmas traditions across the world! Other countries have bizarre traditions for Santa:

– In the Netherlands he is called Sinterklaas and he places his nuts in children’s shoes while they sleep.

In Greenland, kids get Mattak on Christmas morning, a whale skin with a strip of blubber inside.

Even the Christian communion ritual has pagan roots. Ancient Celtics performed Holy Communion by eating the flesh and drinking the blood of a scared horse.

In Wales at Christmas, someone dresses up as Mari Lwyd (the lucky gray mare of Christmas), hiding under a horsehair sheet while carrying a horse’s skull on a pike.

In some foreign countries, Santa Claus brings something for the bad girls and boys, and it ain’t a lump of coal:

Swamp boogers vs. woolly boogers

Many people mistake the common swamp booger with wooly boogers and it’s important to understand the differences.

This page discusses the different species of boogers and sadly notes that swamp boogers have become so rare that some people have never seen one in the wild:

“Don’t you know that swamp boogers are actually natives of Virginia? Before the pilgrims, Virginia was covered with swamps and therefore a perfect habitat for them swamp boogers. When the pilgrims arrived they hunted the swamp boogers for food.

Swamp boogers are fairly slow and very curious animals. That was there demise. On top of the hunting them for food, the pilgrims and their descendants filled in the swamps and destroyed the swamp boogers natural habitat.

Today swamp boogers have become so rare that some people actually regard them as a myth.

But in 2001 a group of scientist have stumbled onto a small colony of them in the middle of the Florida everglades. They are now protected by federal law.”

I’ve commonly asked how a wooly booger is different from swamp boogers. I’m no biologist, but once you see a wild booger the differences become clear. Native to the swamps of northern North Carolina and Virginia, the swamp booger tends to be larger than the “wooly” booger. Also, many sighting of woolly boogers are really just common western forest boogers.

Save the boogers

Part of the problem with the boogers is that their natural habitat is rapidly disappearing. Booger Mountain, once a sanctuary for woolly boogers, has become a major Christmas tree supplier:

The woolly boogers are almost gone, and the failure of the government to preserve the boogers natural habitat has provoked outrage among booger conservationists:

The boogers natural habitat is disappearing, and ours may be the last generation to see these magnificent creatures in the wild.

Disabled Porn

I had a good chuckle over this Reddit joke today on Disabled Porn:

A pious man is checking-in at a hotel and asks:

“I assume that the porn channel is my room is disabled”

The clerk replied

“No sir”. It’s regular porn, you sick weirdo”

People love to make fun of the disabled, like the old Helen Keller jokes, and one-liners we told in grade school, one-liners like:

Where do you find a dog with no legs? – Right where you left it.

Seeing eye dogs

BTW, I volunteer with lots of disabled people, and it’s true, they do have soft core porn for the disabled. They have Playboy Magazine in Braille (sans photos), so there are indeed people who read playboy for the articles.

Porn for the disabled?

But is fair to label disabled pornography as “deviant”?

It’s not politically correct to express disgust at any bizarre sexual behavior, no matter how deviant!

When I took the class “deviant behavior” in college, something was deviant if it was not normal.

I guess that’s changed, and you are a homophobe if you find this funny:

In these days, “adult entertainment” include all sorts of perverted behavior:

Life Magazine now available on Google Images!

This article notes that you can now browse the archives of LIFE magazine online!

“Only a very small percentage of these images have ever been published. The rest have been sitting in dusty archives in the form of negatives, slides, glass plates, etchings, and prints.

We’re digitizing them so that everyone can easily experience these fascinating moments in time.

Today about 20 percent of the collection is online; during the next few months, we will be adding the entire LIFE archive — about 10 million photos.”

LIFE has some of the best photography in the world, and it’s a valuable archive, very entertaining.

You can use this interface to browse LIFE photos:


The key is the new keyword “source:life” tag in Google image search.

Many of the photos have never been seen before! This query shows rarely-seem images of Hitler:


For example, this search shows how teenage fads have changed over the past half century:


You can also include dates! This query shows aircraft form the 1940’s:


You can also find rarely seen photos of the Nazi holocaust (Warming: extremely graphic images)


Redneck home delivery

Most city folks don’t understand that “moving day” is a bit different for country folks.

Today’s redneck buys their home from a home sales lot, like this elegant home sales lot in Burleson Texas.

All the modular homes are ready to move-in, all you need to do is buy a few acres that perks (for the septic), and you are ready to have you home delivered, right to your doorstep.

But it doesn’t always move like forty going north. What happens when redneck home delivery goes wrong?

Redneck moving day gone wrong

How do you handle this?

Is this covered under homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, or is this a claim for roadside assistance?

(Thanks Travis for the great photo!)