ABC reporter resisting arrest at the Democratic National Convention

This report says that Denver police had a problem with a criminal member of an ABC new team as he resisted arrest.

Acting on a signed complaint from the Brown Palace Hotel, police encountered harassment when they arrested an ABC new team who was trespassing on private property, the privately-owned sidewalk in front of the historic Brown Palace hotel.

In this shocking video below we see Asa Eslocker harass and argue with a police officer, a disgraceful act from any national TV reporter.

Policemen get “crap” from bad guys all the time, especially when arresting them, and this policeman showed great restraint in not using physical force when Eslocker refused a lawful order from the police.

ABC News reporter resists arrest

As we see, the poor policeman is just trying to enforce the complaint from the hotel, and encounters Asa Eslocker, who has no remorse whatsoever. Eslocker evidently thinks that he is above the law and has the right to interefere with a police officer, and he forces the officer to chase him out into downtown traffic.

The policeman had every right to whack the crap out of this moron.

Let’s hope that ABC fires Eslocker immediately and makes an example of his disgraceful behavior. I also hope than the Denver police department gets a huge settlement from ABC news. It’s about time that people learned to respect our officers in uniform.

Redneck cruises for the blue collar poor!

The redneck Cruise!

As a frequent cruises, I have collected my tips for having a great time at sea, and there are many great bargains to be had is today’s overcrowded market.

You can take a cruise today for less than the cost of staying in a Motel 6 (under $50 a day), and poor white trash are becoming a major market for the cruise lines.

The ships get bigger each year, and with over 30,000 cabins available each week, a savvy shopper can find some great deals. The new Genesis class cruise ships cost over a billion dollars and hold over 6,000 passengers.

The Genesis – A $1.2b floating trailer park with room for 6,400 rednecks

In previous blog entries, I touted the huge discounts that are to be had by booking cruises on the older ships (any ship over 10 years old), smaller, more intimate ships with savings of over 40% over the newest cruising megaships.

The 2009 Genesis class cruise ships charge a premium

The Older scows are a huge bargain!

So, where do the rednecks and working poor take their cruises?

Now we see the best deal afloat for rednecks, an old ship leaving from Norfolk Virginia, less than a day’s pickup truck ride from West Virginia!

The Norfolk-based cruises are perfect for redneck honeymooners

When we took this cruise, We met a custodial engineer (a janitor), a cab driver, a fellow on parole (judging from his prison tattoo’s), and numerous and sundry people on the dole, including a half dozen sea cows, morbidly obese women who has eaten themselves into a wheelchair in order to get their Social Security Disability checks.

Good ole boys love cruising

Dining is very casual on the Grandeur of the Seas. At lunch one day, Janet and I were treated to a woman picking at a bloody scab from her brand new shoulder tattoo while their kids ran from table to table. Thankfully, the dining tables are round, so that passengers who chew with their mouths open were not able to toss food particles all the way across the tables, and they landed harmlessly in the bread baskets.

Sea cows love the all-you-can-eat cruises

This 5-day cruise to Bermuda is a remarkable bargain, costing less than an average city hotel. While the Grandeur is old (1996), she is still well-maintained and safe.

Redneck watching

For after-dining entertainment on formal night, take a seat in the lounge by the restaurant entrance ahead of the 8:30 formal seating, order a drink and have your camera ready. Watching lower income people dress-up in formal attire is hugely entertaining, and you can make bets on when you will see the first lime green tuxedo or formal dress baseball cap.

Friendly rednecks await you on the Grandeur of the Seas

For other on board entertainment, take a seat by the purser’s desk on the last day at sea, when the cruise issues demands for payment of the passengers bar tabs. Its great fun listening to the shouting, threats and excuses from passengers whose bat tabs exceeded the cost of their cruise ticket.

Here is my redneck review of the Grandeur of the Seas, a true redneck cruise experience.

Where is Arthur Macarthur IV today?

Where is Arthur Macarthur?

I recently spent a morning in the museum tomb of Douglas Macarthur in Norfolk Virginia in hopes of learning more about this enigma, a monumental monument to a man with an ego that was unmatched in the 20th century.

In previous posts I have noted that Macarthur was a scoundrel, awarding himself medals that he clearly did not deserve (including the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Flying Cross), but I was amazed at his memorial in Norfolk.

The memorial is befitting a king, surprising since he was not nearly as successful as many of his contemporaries (Patton, Marshall, Eisenhower).

Stolen Valor – Underserved medals of Duuglas MacArthur

In one of the most appalling event of WWII, FDR awarded “Dugout Doug” the medal of honor for his dismal surrender at Bataan, a disaster for his personal incompetance directly caused thousands of men to perish at the hands of the Imperial Japanese army. What a disgrace.

It’s no wonder that his son, Arthur Macarthur, changed his name and went into hiding, probably from shame if being the son of “Dugout Doug”

Of course, the museum fails to feature the fact that he was drummed out of the Army by Harry Truman for disobeying a direct order, but it was fascinating to note that MacArthur, Whinston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt were all cousins, all descended from a Belcher:

Sara Belcher – Common ancestor of FDR, Winston Churchill and Doug Macarthur

It was cool to see his famous corncob pipe and his golden hat, a megalomaniacal crown of gold leaf, befitting someone of his titanic ego:

Where is Arthur Macarthur today?

But the most amazing part of the museum has Douglas Macarthur’s son, Arthur Macarthur IV, born in 1938 when Douglas as 58 years old! (Douglas was also a late child, his Dad being 35 when he was born.)

I was also a late child of a late child (my Grandpa, James Vespasian Burleson, was born in 1870), but Arthur Macarthur has me beat by a mile.

Imagine having a grandpa who was born in 1845 and fought in the Civil War!

Young Arthur was a media favorite, the heir to the family dynasty and he appeared in magazine and trade periodicals like a celebrity:

But something important happened in the late 1950’s. By law, Arthur was guaranteed admission to West Point (as the son of a Medal of Honor winner), but instead he chose a very different path, favoring Columbia University and an interest in “non macho” subjects like music and art.

In 1959, Ole Douglas was 79 year old, and I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he learned that young Arthur had a bad case of the fagnasties! I’ll bet the old prick really blew a gasket!

Arthur Macarthur IV with his elderly Dad

The trail stops there, and for reasons which are never officially explained (although we can all guess!), Arthur changed his name. Today, many folks speculate about Arthurs whereabouts, and whether he survived the AIDS epidemic.

Today (in 2008), Arthur is 70 years old, a senior citizen allegedly living in Greenwich Village under an assumed name, doing art and music.

Car trouble – crap in the distributor!

A blonde pushes her BMW into a gas station. She tells the mechanic it died.

After he works on it for a few minutes, it is idling smoothly. She says, “What’s the story?”

He replies, “Just crap in the distrubutor’

She asks, “How often do I have to do that?’

The actual costs of private jet travel

Janet and I were at a fancy-schmancy Park Ave. auction awhile back and we overheard a woman declare in a condescending voice:

“Nobody travels commercial anymore”

Well, this lady did not look like the billionaire class, but at the same time, I know that many executives are fed-up with commercial air travel, and are moving to shared-jet companies like DayJets, a great new service where the cost of the ride depends directly upon your flexibility.

As of 2009, the real costs of a private jet (for one person) are aboput 50x higher than flying coach, and about 6x more than first class. For example, these rough costs, RT, LAX to Frankfurt:

– Coach on commercial air – about $1,200
– First Class commercial – about $12,000
– Private jet rental – about $80,000

So, for a private jet that holds 8 passengers, renting a private jet is cheaper than riding first class, and much nicer, no TSA . . .

Also, the trend is towards smaller commercial point-to-point jets these days. It’s sad that Neyjects and Dayjets went out of business, but in the next decade, expect to see more small, point-to-point jets, small jets, not behemoths:

So, how rich does a person have to be to own a private jet? Some zillionaires have amazing aircraft for pleasure, even for extreme water skiing:

I did some investigation and I was surprised to find a huge variance in the costs of private jets:

– A brand-new Gulfstream 5 costs $59,000,000
– A used Learjet can be had for under $600,000
– A used commercial jet can be had for under $10m

The 2010 Gulfstream 5 – only $59m

Affordable private jets?

On the low end, I was surprised to see than some old Learjet’s were very affordable, like this on for only $650,000. That may sound like a lot of money, but considering that a nice home in Manhattan is over a million dollars, it’s a great bargain.

And this, a Boeing 727 for only $2.5m! For course, it costs over $100,000 for a fill-up, so the cost of the jet is about equal to 25 fill-ups!

Just like when buying a horse, the purchase cost is a tiny part of the investment. You need $100k a year for a pilot, and fill-ups can easily top $10k.

I was impressed to hear that the Google whiz kids, Brin & Page, have their own private 767, a huge jet:

But I was shocked to see that a 767 can be had for only $15m, less than one-third the cost of a new G5.

I’ve been a licensed private pilot for over 30 years, and while it may be tempting to have a private jet, I think I’ll stick to commercial air travel.

Buy a personal fighter jet

Tom Cruise owns a WWII P-51 fighter and Oracle’s Larry Ellison has a military F5 fighter jet, but where does the rich and famous buy these super-cool toys?

I came across this magazine ad recently, and it’s interesting that anybody can own their very own fighter jet. This place sells the F5, just like Larry Ellison’s fighter jet.

I went to the web site for prices but, I guess if you have to ask, you can’t afford it!

Here is Larry Ellison in his fighter jet:

Removing excessive wound drainage

This is being posted for the benefit of anyone who is experiencing excessive abdominal wound drainage and wants some tips.

My surgery required over a foot of internal stitches in my abdominal muscles and the removal and replacement of several square feet of skin on my belly. It was literally like being skinned alive and even breathing hurt for the first week!

Immediately following my surgery I was outfitted with two lovely drains which managed to take care of most of my drainage and a straightjacket to keep my guts inside while the stitches healed.

I later discovered that the only thing worse than having tubes sticking out of you is not having them! Even though I still had massive internal bleeding, the surgeon had to cut the drains out of me after one month, saying that they could not stay inside me for prolonged periods of time. (In most cases a month is enough, but in cases like mine with large internal damage, the drainage can continue for up to a year! In my case, I was still seeping several ounces (about 170 ml) per day when my tubes were removed.)

It’s funny how squeamish people are. I was not going to become a recluse simply because I had tubes jutting from my gut, but I was surprised at people’s reactions when I drained by bulbs:

Don’t do this in public – Some people are too squeamish

So, what do you do when your abdomen fills-up like a water balloon every day? The only way to remove excessive would draining is to go in a get it.

Deep Impact

Remember those rabies shots that they give you right in the middle of your belly? It’s like that, except it’s even more painful because the needle must stay deep inside you for up to 10 minutes!

In my case, my wounds must be drained every 48 hours a very painful deal. The doctor says that the drainage could go on for many months (in his 30 years as a surgeon he says he has never seen anything like my case where a wound drains for so long).

The doctor was planning to teach me to drain myself, so that we don’t have to drive for three long hours to the doctors office every other day.

The perils of Self Immolation

The trouble with draining yourself at home is that there can be no hesitation with the horse needle. You must drive the needle though cleanly, deep into my abdomen. While it’s easy to do this on other people, it ain’t so easy punching yourself in the gut with a horse needle, knowing that it’s gonna hurt like pure sin!

So the doctor is training Janet to do it for me, and Janet took this instructional video which shows the whole process.

Video of the drainage process

1 – First, the skin and abdominal muscles are numbed with Lidocaine and bicarbonate of soda

2 – Then you punch-in the needle, full-force and start filling the syringe.

Janet loves her toys and she filmed this with the new “Flip video” camera an amazing video camera not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes:

For complete details of the procedure for removing internal drainage, here is a video of the whole process for your enjoyment. Janet picked the background music herself and she did a great job! (WARNING: DO NOT view this video while eating).