Bad cops caught on video

I travel quite a bit overseas, and I get sick when I’m approached by corrupt policemen, looking for a quick “donation”.

I REALLY REALLY hate bad cops, and the only thing that I think that police corruption justifies the death penalty. Any corruption, big or small. Corruption is not the American way, and trustworthy police are required for any civilized society. A bad cop is the ultimate betrayal, and long prison sentences are just not enough for bad cops, especially those who betray the public’s trust.

In this case, the Barney Phyfe dictator (soon to be ex-policeman Patrick Pogan, we hope) decides to assault an innocent biker. Watch this video carefully and judge for yourself:

To add insult to injury, scumbag Pogan then arrests the victim for “attempted assault” and “disorderly conduct” and other bogus crimes. He obviously did not know that his disgusting behavior had been videotaped, as the video justifies none of his charges against the victim, who spent 26 hours i jail because of this bad cop.

“Prosecutors say the cyclist, Christopher Long, was charged with blocking traffic, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and assault.

Police say Long was riding his bike in the center lane, forcing several drivers to use their breaks or change direction.”

In court papers, the bad cop accuses the cyclist of purposely swerving his bicycle to block traffic and then using it as a weapon to run down the officer, knocking him off his feet and causing a “laceration” on his forearm. What a dirtbag.

Is this not a “minor” abuse of power? Personally, there is no such thing as “a little” corrupt, especially after taking a solemn oath to defend and protect the public.

If I was on a jury, I would award the victim (Chris Long) millions of dollars, and ensure that the money comes directly from the corrupt policeman’s retirement fund (which he should lose when he is brought to justice).

I may be radical, but prison is too good for officer Pogan. Police corruption, at any level, should be a capital offense. I would have him drawn and quartered in Times Square.

Let’s get tough on bad cops

Let’s hope that the good people of New York put Pogue in prison for many, many years.

Eat your kill

I was taught not to waste, and to this day I’m bothered when I see perfectly good food go to waste.

This goes for our animals too, and I get especially distressed when our spoiled Rottweiler’s don’t eat what they kill.

Our barn cats do a great job finishing their kill, and usually all that is left is the tail, but the dogs don’t seem to understand that killing is only half the fun, they get dinner too.

I’m getting sick and tired of throwing away perfectly good dog food:

It just makes me sick to see fresh kill has hardly been touched. And it’s not just me.

I’ll bet that most people would be sick to find something like this in your back yard:

I suspect that it’s the initial taste of warm blood that gives them the impetus to finish their meals. With cats, the taste of warm blood is irresistible, it stimulates their appetite:

Developing a thurst for blood

The natural instinct of to enjoy fresh blood is instinctive in all carnivores, and some primitive cultures still eat blood on a daily basis:

The Full-English breakfast – served with a scab called “blood pudding”

So, how do I get my Rottweiler’s to start eating their kill? I have a couple of blood drains hanging out of my gut right now, and I noted that our little dog keeps scratching at my woulds, as if the drains were some sort of snack dispenser:

But why let the blood go to waste, especially when I can use it to train my puppies to be bloodthirsty? My surgeon says that my drainage is rich in albumin, fat and red blood cells, and best of all, it’s already at body temperature.

As soon as I’m able to walk freely, my plan is to pull a Pavlov and condition them to associate me with the taste of fresh blood, something like this, except with human blood:

Once they develop a taste for blood, it is my hope that they will discover that vermin is not just fun to kill, it’s tasty too.

On the other hand, Janet says that it’s probably not a good idea . . . .

Horse-drawn green vehicle

This new web site Fleethorse, is promoting an interesting idea, a one horsepower on-road vehicle!

The maroon who own the web site says that he wants a “contest” and the winner allegedly gets $100k, plus the patent for this “remarkable” vehicle:

“If you want the patent of this cruelty-free invention, plus $100,000 to get you started on the road to making the idea a success, all you have to do is tell us why you think it was invented!”

Gee, why not just ride the horse?

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate experimentation, and this reminds me of when I tried to get a horse to scuba dive, not too successful:

With the high prices of gas who knows, maybe the old fashioned posse is gonna make a comeback:

Banff Springs Hotel tips

As the weakening dollar makes America more competitive overseas, Janet and I are enjoying unprecedented opportunities to work with our friends in foreign countries.

When visiting our Canadian clients, we are fortunate to get a chance to visit some of the most Amazing areas of the Canadian Rockies.

Banff Springs Hotel

The Banff Springs hotel is an amazing hotel, built in an age when elegance was more foremost. The rooms are quaint, but the service is impeccable, although it takes awhile to get used to their no-tipping policy.

The jewel is the Banff golf course, one of the most scenic golf courses in the world:

The Banff Springs hotel is surprisingly affordable, and it’s a great place to kick-back and relax. Built in 1886, the hotel oozes charm, but it’s neither stuffy nor pretentious.

The area around Banff Canada is a natural paradise, unspoiled and majestic, with natural high mountain lakes and glaciers. Natural critters abound, and even the elk, wolves and coyote are semi-tame, posing for the cameras:

Here are more shots from Banff: