Choosing a custom golf cart

Many country club members flaunt their expensive golf carts, some of which are street-legal and cost as much as ordinary cars!

It’s an interesting crew, as I noted on how to join a country club.

Check out this Forbes golf cart article titled “Pimp my Cart”, and this slideshow of custom golf carts.

Custom Hummer golf cart is only $38,000

The car dealerships have been known to “loan” luxury golf carts to club members in the hopes that the jealous co-clubbers will have to have one too! I’ve noticed quite a few of the Escalade golf cart, almost always owned by people who don’t drive an Escalade car!

We just struck a deal with a car dealership on one of their new line of Chrysler GEM luxury golf carts.

The GEM two-seater street-legal pickup truck, about $10,000

But we went for the “stretch version”, a four-seater:

We chose the 4-seater, and it has hard doors and a heater too, great for play on those cold winter days, and we can drive it on the street too:

The GEM 4-seater with doors and roll-up windows

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