Selling horse manure for profit

I have over 40 horses, and I have several hundred tons of horse poopie laying around. In total, my horses eat about 30 bales of hay a day, and each bale weights about 55 pounds. By my calculations (and factoring-in moisture, I get about 30*55*365 ~= 600,000 pounds, or about 300 tons of horse patootie each year). Here we see facts about horse manure:

“An average 1,000-pound horse produces 9 tons of manure a year containing valuable fertilizer elements.”

We call it Poo Mountain. It’s actually more like poo ridge, about 15 feet high and 50 yards long. I was at Home Depot last week and horse manure was selling for a dollar a pound. Unlike dog crap, horse poo has a clean, fresh small, and it’s not gross at all. As you may know, horseshit is regulated by a Manure Union, and I’ll have to negotiate with them for sales:

This product idea also came to mind, perhaps a safer alternative to tobacco:

The only problem is that manure bagging machines cost more than $30,000, so I’m thinking that old-fashioned shovels and burlap bags might do the trick.

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