Million Dollar Cheeto for sale!

You have to check out this million dollar Cheeto on eBay.

And read the description of why it is worth a million dollars:

You may wonder why this one of a kind “Cheeto Heart” is worth a MILLION DOLLARS.
Let me explain why… The true value of this Million Dollar “Cheeto Heart that Smiles” is found in the dignity and worth of a human soul.
This “Cheeto” was an answer to my prayer…a very unexpected novel and unique answer to say the least.
Here’s my inspiration where this all started.
I was looking for an answer to help good people who fall between the cracks. People, friends and neighbors who can’t get help anywhere else. People in need, who are over looked by agencies and organizations that are supposed to help people like them, but instead turn them away.

Official State Mammals

Ever wonder that the official state cat of Maine is?  It is the Maine Coon Cat!

This new web site shows the official state critters with a drop-down menu that allows you to see all sorts of official state-sanctioned animals:

Official State Mammals

You can also click on a State name and see the official state plants, official state insects and all sorts of useless factoids:

North Carolina State

TIL that the official state animal for North Carolina is the squirrel: