Fire lapping a high-powered rifle

See my full notes on Fire lapping a rifle.

These are parts of our class notes for conventional high-powered rifle competitions.

All brand new conventional competition high powered rifles should use fire-lapping to ensure that the barrel is super-smooth and clear.

How to fire lap a rifle

After each of the first 10 shots:

1 – Remove the bolt

2 – STARTING from the breech end, run a brush wet with bore cleaner one-way out toward the muzzle end of the rifle.

3 – After the brush exits at the muzzle end, remove it and withdraw the rod.

4 – Run a clean patch, one way from the breech to the muzzle end of the barrel. The third patch should look clean.

For shots 11-24, the fire-lapping is done every two shots.

After 24 rounds, the rifle is ready to accept telescopic sights.

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