The best 22 caliber target ammo

Finding the best 22 caliber target bullet for your rifle requires through testing.

I did a heap of ammo testing with my three top 22 caliber target rifles:

– CZ-452 Luz: 22 bolt action
– Savage 64: With telescopic sight
– Enfield Model 1917: No magazine 22 sniper training rifle

Every 22 target rifle has a specific “taste” for bullets, and testing with a bench rest and scope at 50 yards is the only reliable way to see what your 22 rifle likes to eat.

In my tests, the ballistic characteristics of the best ammo for a 22 caliber target rifle was simple:

– Low velocity 22 ammo is better: Without exception, the “low velocity”, “subsonic” and “standard velocity” 22 bullets shot tighter groups.

– Expensive is better than cheap: More expensive 22 bullets consistently shot tighter groups with less “flyers”. You get what you pay for.

See my notes on the best 22 caliber target bullets

Collecting WWII souvenirs

It’s sad that less than 10% of those who fought evil in WWII are still alive (the greatest generation), and I hate to see their treasured WWII souvenirs sold as commodities.

I have started collecting their war spoils in the hope that future generations will understand and respect the huge sacrifices they made, in the name of freedom:

WWII Japanese Prayer Flags

These signed Japanese flags are properly called Yosegaki flags. Yosegaki means “gathered writing” in Japanese. When the Kanji appears on the Japanese red dot national flag (the rising sun, or “meatball” flag), the prayer flag is properly called Hinomaru (sun orb flag) Yosegaki.

An original WWII prayer flag in excellent condition has a 2010 value of $200.

Beware of fake Japanese prayer flags.

A real Japanese prayer flag will have fixing and holes because it is 70 year-old silk.

Flying Tigers blood chits

A “blood chit” was a note stitched to the backs of American pilots to tell the Chinese that they were friend and not foes.

Just like with Americans say about Asians, the Chinese could distinguish foreigners “they all look alike”

Original WWII Flying Tiger Blood Chit

The Kanji text in the above pictured chit says in English:

“This foreign person has come to China to help in the war effort.

Soldiers and civilians, one and all, should rescue, protect, and provide him with medical care.”

American Indian and India Indian Swastickas

Evidently, this history of the Swastika say that the Swastika was in use for 3,000 years before it became the symbol of evil in the mid 20th century.

This is a 1941 photo of my Dad in New Mexico in his snazzy Ford Model A convertible, the Cat’s Meow.

Notice the swasica’s on the borders of the photo!

A 1941 Photo with Hopi Indian Swastika border

New Mexico Hopi Indians used the Swastika, and I noticed an India Indian magazine with a picture of Buddha with swastika on it:

Buddha with a Swastika

Evidently, the Swastika was independently created by many cultures across the globe:

In India, the Swastika is the symbol of good luck:

Sadly,a failed Austrian housepainter stole the symbol and made thye Swastika the universal symbol of evil:


Accident prone people are dangerous to all!

Psychiatrists say that there is no such thing as an “unlucky person” and that accident prone people bring-on their own accidents.

Even dogs can be passive aggressive

Some people are just plain “bad news”, and they have a subconscious need to self-destruct and take others with them.

There is no such thing as “an accident” to a passive aggressive person, it all deliberate, even though it is often subconscious. . .

Accident prone people are passive-aggressive

I knew a girl who once “accidentally” dropped valuable antique because she was mad at the owner about an unrelated issue. Even though it was clearly aggressive, she truly believed in her conscious mind that it was an accident.

I detest passive aggressive people!

Passive aggressive people are cowards. They are wimps, afraid to give their name or take responsibility for their acts.

They attack anonymously, real jerks!

Collecting vintage 1911 A1 military pistols

Nothing beats the old Colt 45 handguns, a work of art. . .

They were first produced back in 1909 specifically to kill Muslim terrorists!

They would charge the American soldiers with machetes, and the old 39 revolvers could not kill them before they hacked the Americans.

That changed with the Model 1991 Colt 45, which will blow the terrorist off their feet, stopping them cold!

They were made to “mil” (military) specs, and even after 70 years, they still shoot great.

These are the perfect investment handguns because you can stil shoot them and they appreciate over time!

Here is a great guide to identifying the 1911 pistols by their serial numbers.

Testing for the best ammo for 22 caliber rifles and pistols

Part of the fun of having your own rifle range is testing different types of ammo under controlled conditions.

We built a 300 yards firing range out on the back 40

Janet is really getting into target shooting and we are hiring a former Secret Service agent to teach us sniper skills.

We are also hoping to complete the NRA high-powered rifle qualification.

Janet is a crack shot!

We both love assault rifles, but shooting a supersonic bullet is huge fun!

Last week, Janet hit a pop bottle at 200 yards, the length of two football fields!

Janet is lethal with her AR-15 assault rifle

We are too old to see at 200 yards using an iron sight, so we “cheat” and mounted a telescopic sight on our AR-15:

Telescopic sights allow elderly people to kill home intruders at up to 400 yards

Ballistics testing of 22 target guns

We tested many types of 22 caliber target rifles and 22 target pistols using a bench rest at 50 yards.

Janet is getting quite deadly with her handguns, a crack shot:

Don’t mess with Janet when she is packing her 357 magnum

In our tests for the best bullets our rifles and pistols we learned a few general principles about 22 ammo:

– Low velocity ammo is great for rifles, not so great for 22 handguns: The “low velocity”, “subsonic” and “standard velocity” 22 bullets shot tighter groups fir 22 rifles (CZ-452 and Savage 64).

– Expensive ammo has better consistency: The more expensive 22 bullets consistently had fewer duds, misfires and less “flyers”. You get what you pay for, and duds and flyers are important if you must kill on the first shot.

We have documeted our ballistics tests here in the hopes of helping other gun enthusiasts:

See our full notes on testing for the most accurate ammo for a Savage model 64 target rifle.

See our full notes on testing for the most accurate ammo for a CZ452 target rifle.

See our full notes on testing for the most accurate ammo for a CZ452 target rifle.

See our full notes on testing for the most accurate ammo for a Ruger Mark V target pistol.

Freudian slip examples

A Freudian slip was first described in Sigmund Freud’s 1901 book “The Psychopathology of Everyday Life”.

It’s a truly boring book, BTW . . .

A Freudian slip is a verbal mistake that is reflects unconscious issues, like repressed memories or trauma. Here are some examples:

Freud believed that there is no such thing as an “accident” and slips directly reflected deeply repressed issues, emotions buried deep in the subconscious mind.

Bushism’s are great examples of Freudian slips:

President Bush reportedly said in a speech he was giving to a group of teachers “I’d like to spank all teachers.” We guess that he wanted to say “thank” all the teachers

Freudian Slips

I like this old Freudian slip joke:

“I accidentally said to my wife, ‘I hate you. You have ruined my life and I want a divorce!’ Of course, what I meant was, ‘Pass the salt, dear.'”