The sexuality of Native American Women

My wife Janet uses , an absolutely amazing tool for consolidating genealogy research!

Yesterday she was excited to discover that her great-great-Grandma was a Cherokee!

Most of the Burleson’s in NC have some Indian blood because we have been in American since the 1600’s. and my own Great Grandma, Sara Page was an Indian squaw.

The Cherokee Indians are of European ancestry anyway, (nobody has yet to explain why the first British colonists noticed that the Cherokee had blue eyes!),

I predict that future DNA studies will show that the Native American’s of the eastern seaboard are descendents of the Viking that landed in the 9th century AD.

Why did Colonial American men choose Indian Wives?

Sociological data is interesting because it shows unexplained trends in inter-marriage.

Just as today’s mulatto children are far more likely to have a black father than a black mother, a similar trend was present in colonial America.

In all of my research I have seen dozens of cases where an Anglo man falls in love with an Indian squaw, but it was quite rare to see a case where an American Indian Male sired a child with a Anglo woman.

I have a theory about this phenomenon, and I believe that white guys chose Indian women for two reasons:

– Physical attractiveness: Many of the English settler’s daughters were beaten by the ugly stick, seriously ugly when compared to the Indian maidens.

– More relaxed sexual mores: American Indian women were not prudish. They enjoyed recreational sex, whereas the Purtian women only reproduced as a duty.

It does not take much anecdotal evidence to back-up my theory, just take a gander at any British woman and see for yourself:

Reproduction with a British woman requires special equipment and lots of whiskey.

I’m told that many desperate used a paper bag for their head, to prevent the gag reflex.

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