UNC Lesbian must pay back Army!

The act of “coming out” is a tactic used by military people since the American Revolution, as a way to avoid combat and put one over on Uncle Sam.

The most famous example of somebody acting like a deviant was Corporal Klinger from the MASH TV show:

Claiming sexual deviance to avoid military duty is nothing new

In the real world, we see soldiers like Dr. John Hensala who used homosexuality as an excuse to stiff the military for the costs of his medical school training!

Now, admitted homosexual Sara Isaacson may learn the hard way that you don’t stiff Uncle Sam!

America wants its money back!

C’mon, you don’t just decide overnight that you are a lesbian. . .

Shame on you, Sara Isaacson

The latest con is people claiming to be homosecual to avoid a sucky deployment or to Welch on a promise to serve their country:

“The military has historically fought attempts by those who would leave the military early under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and other circumstances without repayment of their college costs.

The military fears that could open the financial floodgates, forcing the government to give a free education to those who can’t or won’t make good on their commitment to serve on active duty and later in the Reserves.”

There is talk of charging her with fraud if it’s proven that she had homosexual encounters during college.

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