Window piercing with plexiglass disks

Remember the windows they put into cows at the state fair, so you could see inside their innards? Well, the concept has taken-on a new life with young people!

The cow window: Precursor to window piercing

Well, these body windows are the latest fad for humans kids!

I always wondered what the next generation would do to out-do the super-gross body piercing, and here it is, “window piercing”, a view straight into your gumline:

Window Piercing: The latest fad for attention-whore teens

Actually, the window in window piercing is not glass, it’s a Plexiglas disk embedded in the lower lip. . .

I don’t get it, why kids to these things to stand out, while most teens want to conform?

When I was a teenager, we were all conforming non-conformists, being different in exactly the same way, a rubber-stamped generation wearing flared jeans, long hair, headbands and fringed Indian guide jackets!

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