Inside the H1-B Visa scam

Put American computer professionals to work!

Today there are millions of qualified Americans who want these high-paying Information Systems jobs, which they cannot get because of the H1B visa people who will work for pennies on the dollar.

Jay Leno offers up this tidbit on the extent of the H1B Visa fraud:

Some experts say that H1B visa program is rife with fraud and posers.

A U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services [USCIS] study, H-1B Benefit Fraud & Compliance Assessment published in September 2008, found a 27 percent rate of fraud in the H-1B visa program.

Mommy, a foreign poser took my computer job!

The Capital Immigration Law Group notes that H1B fraud is widespread, about 20%, but I suspect that the real figure is far higher:

“In our opinion, the results are fairly striking. . . Upon further review, it appeared that 19% of the H-1Bs which were already reviewed and approved by USCIS turned out to involve fraud.”

Many H1B Visa workers have graduated from “diploma mills”, and they produce computer scientists who don’t even know how to write a computer program, engineers who cannot even do basic design, and “experts” who have no expertise whatsoever.

In this article “A Fraud Most Foul”, we see that America has plenty of skilled IT workers and that it’s not necessary to import anyone to full these jobs.

It’s a lose-lose situation. Americans lose jobs, and the phony overseas experts are exploited by greedy corporations.

It’s also time to start enforcing personal responsibility and send home those tens of thousands of fraudulent H1B posers who gained United States citizenship based upon their fraudulent credentials.

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