Golf vacations in Monterey

The Monterrey peninsula is a noted tourist attraction, a lush, cool area that is absolutely delightful ion the summer. While inland temperatures swelter at 100 degrees, the cooling ocean current ensures that Monterey stays a cool 60-70 degrees, even in the middle of the summer.

In addition to great scenery, we played some world-class golf on the Monterey peninsula, playing Pebble Beach, Del Monte and Pacific Grove, all excellent courses.

In our touring in Monterey we noted some interesting customs:

Tolerant locals – We noticed that the natives tolerated illegal activity, with people openly smoking drugs on the public beaches. Filthy hobos are also tolerated, as are Hippies and other weirdoes of every possible genre.

Hostile drivers – We also noted that while all of the people in the tourist industry were exceptionally nice and courteous, about half of the Monterey drivers were openly hostile to tourists! The Monterey area is very crowded, and everyone seemed to be in a big hurry, especially on the roads. We were cursed at and Janet was even flipped off, all for not driving fast enough. We got the distinct impression that tourists were not welcome by the locals!

See my notes here for a golf vacation in Monterey

Tips for playing Pebble Beach golf

Playing Pebble Beach is the dream of golfers across the globe, but playing Pebble Beach is an intimidating experience, especially for beginners and high-handicappers.

Pebble beach has a reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful golf courses, and because it’s so hard to get a tee time, many people assume that playing Pebble Beach is not appropriate for beginners or high handicappers.

Pebble Beach is friendly to beginner golfers

That’s not true, because playing Pebble Beach is especially friendly and easy for beginning golfers, provided that you follow some tips for beginners. See my tips here for high handicappers:

Pebble Beach golf for high handicapper beginners

A favorite of celebrities and billionaires, Pebble Beach is not an inexpensive golf outing.

Is Pebble Beach really worth a $1,200 green fee for two players?

Janet Burleson, a high handicapper on #5 at Pebble Beach

Playing Pebble Beach is also great for beginners because it is not just a round of golf, it’s an experience, walking in the footsteps of some of the greatest legends in golf and all the while enjoying a spectacular beachfront experience.

With the 2010 US Open coming to Pebble Beach, it’s hard to get a tee time, but there are some tricks for beginners who want to play Pebble beach golf:

Pebble Beach golf for first time players

Remember, persistence counts when calling to play Pebble Beach!

Suicide jump from a skyscraper

It’s morbid, but people wonder what happens on impact when somebody jumps from a skyscraper.

Is the human terminal velocity fast enough that the jumper splatters on impact, or does the human skin keep the innards intact?

Well, wonder no more.

This photo appeared in LIFE magazine from a 1947 suicide from a lady who jumped from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, New York’s tallest skyscraper.

She landed on top of a limo:

Suicide by Jumping from a skyscraper

Today, it’s neigh-on impossible to jump from skyscrapers because of the suicide fences. . .

The Coney Island Freak Show

We were recently at the Coney Island freak show, a great way to spend a layover at JFK or LaGuardia between flights.

Coney Island is known as the original home of Nathan’s hot dogs, where they broadcast their hot dog eating contest today, on the 4th of July:

Whenever we have a layover at JFK for an overseas trip, we like to prepare ourselves by taking the short cab ride to see the freak shows at Coney Island.

After 100 years, Coney Island still has amusement rides:

One of the timeless items at the freak show is the tattooed lady, a freakish thing for over a century:

Sure enough, on our visit we saw the tattooed lady, doing a flaming hula-hoop while being supervised by two NYPD officers:

Coney Island is a freak show outside too, lots of interesting characters roaming the streets:

Coney Island is actually quite seedy and scary to those unaccustomed to freaky New Yorkers.

And Coney Island has the bottled dead animals in theor freak show:

This one was funny because we used to own the “real” world’s smellest horse:

Ode to the farmer!

More than half American citizens are the descendents of farmers. I come from a long line of farmers (my grandparents were born on farms in the early 20th century), and while I only have a small ranch, I greatly respect the self discipline that it takes to be a farmer.

We have farmers around here who still cling to the old ways, plowing their fields with horse-drawn mules. Every Sunday our neighbor Erwin saddles-up his four-in-hand team and goes riding down Rocky Ford Road, just as farmers have done here for centuries.

One of my prized collectables is this 1700’s early transferware quart double-handled beer mug.

It’s a real colonial American artifact and it has this great epic poem, an Ode to the Farmer:

So Jolly Boy’s now
Here’s God speed the plough
Long life and succefs to the FARMER

This is a great example of occupational marketing, mugs designed to appeal to different jobs.

It’s even more interesting because it is over 200 years old, a relic from the days when more than half of Americans were farmers:

Here is the full text of the Ode to the Farmer:

Let the Wealthy & Great
Roll in Splendor & State
I envy them not I declare it

I eat my own Lamb, My Chickens & Ham.

I have Lawns, I have Bowrs
I have Fruits, I have Flowers
The Lark is my morning alarmer

So jolly Boys now.
Here’s God speed the plough
Long life and succefs to the Farmer

Are there minorities in heaven?

Convervative Christians want to know, are there minorities in heaven?

This, evidently shopped from the Science Fair at a Christian school . . .

And they say that you cannot have Faith and still be a scientist . . .

I wish the results were larger, I cannot read them . . .

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