Best putter: 2010 putters

Choosing the best putter is a very personal decision. There is an old golf saying that goes “marry your driver, date your putter”, and that advice is well-founded.

Brad Clayton, my golf instructor offers up these tips for choosing the best putter for you.

Experiment – Ignore the putter ratings in golf magazines, they are nonsense. The only way to gauge which putter is best for you is to try them. Make sure to go to a golf store that carries a wide selection (e.g. golf galaxy).

Take your time – Plan to spend at least an hour testing and re-testing each putter.

Ignore the price tags – Even the most expensive putters cost little more than a few green fees, so put aside the price tags and focus on personal performance.

During my testing for the best putter, I found a half dozen nice putters and repeated by testing, eliminating one putter with each test of five balls each at a ten foot target.

The world’s best putter for 2009 – 2010

The world’s best putter is the best putter for you, it’s all very personal. The Nike 2010 IC putter blew me away. Esthetically, she is amazing, well crafted and a joy to hold.

But the real deciding factor was performance, and I consistently nailed more putts with the Nike than the others. I absolutely adore this putter:

For more details on the choosing the world’s best putters, see my complete notes here on how to choose the best putter for you.

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