Buying real human skulls: I see dead people for sale

With the rumor that Michael Jackson’s body is going to be rendered, and his skeleton sold to the family of the elephant man, I got into checking about owning a real human skull.

When I was in college one of my professors kept a real skull in his library, and it was “cool” to have a real human skull on your bookshelf. I could never afford to buy a human skull because they were quite expensive.

So it turns out that your worthless relatives may not be so worthless after all, after they die.

At Skulls Unlimited ( a human skull vendor) for $3,700 you can buy a whole human skeleton for under $4k.

For only $599, you can buy a real human skull, like this skull and it’s legal to buy and sell a real human skull:

“This specimen is likely a mongoloid male and missing all but two teeth”

Here is another skull seller who sells deformed skulls. Here is a highly desirable skull, a man whose skull is ravaged with syphilis, only $2,500:

Skulls with veneral disease fetch a premium sale price

Here is a dead gangster skull with a bullet hole in his head, only $800.

Imagine what your friends would say when they see this beauty on your bookshelf:

Murder victims skulls make especially handsome home decor accessories

“This bullet hole is from a small gauge rifle. There is no exit hole, so the bullet would have ricoched inside the skull. Overall this is a handsome skull with an attractive fingerprint that makes for great stories.”

It’s perfectly legal to buy and sell real human skulls, and you can even purchase real human skulls on eBay:

“eBay allows the sale of “skulls and skeletons that are used for medical purposes.”

In practice, you can find skulls in a wide variety of conditions, from professionally-prepared specimens to “found” skulls.”

Here are the eBay listing for real human skulls for sale. It’s interesting that the sellers note “for medical use only” in the sale ads . . .

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