New Chicks at the ranch

This time of year the birds are reproducing and one of our hen’s just hatched three baby chicklets:

We can only keep these “giant” Americana chickens (one of the first breeds in America, a favorite of the Colonial Americans). We need huge, mean chickens becauase the barn cats and feral coons eat the smeller foul. Everything here gets eaten by something else, so Mom and the chicks must be caged:

They must live in the safety of a cage to pvenet them from becoming a snack for the coons, cats, foxes and other sundry varmits.

Once they are grown they will have sharp spurs and be big enough to seriously injure a cat, and then they can go free . . . Seriously, you don’t mess with these chickens, they are mighty nasty!

In other changes, after many years of faithful service, Jen3 has been promoted! She now reports to Robin, our resident nuclear engineer:

Jen3, in turn, is being replaced by J. L., who will help Clayton to groom the horses:

Welcome J. L.!

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