Eating tapeworms to lose weight

It’s not an urban legend, people really do swallow tapeworm caps to help them lose weight!

I’ve personally known a women who deliberately ingested “visitors”, by swallowing the “tapeworm cap” that sheds from the end of the worm! Allegedly, tapeworms help you eat your food, right from the safety of your own gut. But I must add, the woman who claimed to do this (Gertrude Voss) was an ex-Nazi nut-job who came to America from postwar Germany and she was always fat, despite her ingestion of tapeworms!

Tapeworms fore dieting used to be an accepted practice

According to my sources, the tapeworms share your meals, and once you are thin, you just get de-wormed, just like your dog!

But in the 21st century we have other options for ingesting intestinal parasites, Japanese cuisine:

Sushi – Your best bet for intestinal parasites

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