British go nuts over eating Squirrels

Squirrel and other varmints have been a staple of redneck cuisine for years, but now those Europeans have now discovered our treats. Everybody loves squirrel, but you have to admit, it’s messy and the meat falls off of the bones.

Rednecks love gourmet squirrel, pre-chopped, seasoned just right to bring out the natural squirrely flavor, and served-up in its own butt.

This article reports that British people will give their left nut for squirrels and they eating these tasty tree rats in huge numbers. (It’s just a rumor that British people like squirrel because their jagged teeth are perfect for picking the meat from the squirrel bones.)

But it’s clear, the country that brought the world spotted dick and pork faggots now have a new delicacy:

“British bon vivants suddenly couldn’t get enough squirrel. Television chefs were preparing it, cookbooks were extolling it, farmers’ markets were selling out of it and restaurants in many places were offering it on the menu.”

And when you’re done eating the squirrel, they can be mounted into an attractive wall ornament:

We all remember this article in the New York Times titled Kentucky Doctors Warn Against Eating Squirrels’ Brains, where they note that squirrel brains can cause a fatal variant of Mad Cow Disease, known around here as “Mad Squirrel Disease”, and at least six people have died.

It’s no joke, there is a moratorium on eating squirrel brains in North Carolina, and many a redneck has had to switch to less desirable organs.

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