Gourmet Gizzards

One Southern treat that everyone loves is a heaping helping of southern fried gizzards. While some gourmets say that the breast is the best part of the chicken, I disagree.

I’m waiting for the top chefs to discover the wonders of gizzards. The flavor is rich and chickeny, a tad gritty, with a chewy, tasty cartledge.

As anybody who has ever cleaned a chicken knows, the gizzard is a meaty sub-stomach of tight muscles, pure meat and clear gristle:

Chicken gizzards are made for grinding grain and insects

The gizzard is made for grinding grain for digestion, on its way to becoming chicken shit:

A fresh gizzard

Before Wolfgang Puck and Jeremiah Tower get wind of the wonders of southern fried gizzards, many country folks know of the pleasures of deep fried chicken gizzards:

Chicken fried gizzards are a gourmet delight!

The perfect gizzard sauce

As every gizzard gourmand knows, you need a good gizzard sauce to bring out the rich gizzardy flavors.

My gourmet Gizzard sauce recipe is simple. Just take some Apple Cider Vinegar, Coleman’s dried mustard, some honey and hot chili, and mix it to taste. These gourmet flavors combine into a sweet-sour sauce that accents the natural flavor of the gizzard, pure ambrosia!

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