Declining American Values and the Economic Crisis

Everybody is pointing fingers at the global recession, blaming Wall Street, Mortgage Brokers, the Banks and Uncle Sam, while forgetting the real cause of the crisis, amoral, greedy Americans.

News flash, it’s NOT greedy bankers who caused this economic meltdown:

While Obama is assembling a team of the world’s best economists to dig us out of a recession, to address the core problem we must re-visit the failure in core American values.

I hate the self-entitlement of lazy Americans. The late night infomercials say “Get the money you deserve”. Who says that you deserve anything?

Most of these people are only entitled to a swift kick in the ass.

These values of hard work, thrift and perseverance are what make America the best country in history, and we are losing ground:

Frugality – The USA savings rate hovers around zero. Everyone is compelled to spend every cent they earn and leverage themselves deeply in credit card debt.

Loyalty – America has lost enough jobs to overseas foreigners. Let’s bite the bullet and enact tariffs to keep American factories competitive. America cannot complete with developing nations where workers earn fifty cents an hours.

Honor – I saw a 60 Minutes show awhile back where a woman talked about why she let her mortgage go into foreclosure. It was all about her lost property values, and NOT A WORD about her personal responsibility to keep her word and honor her mortgage contract.

It’s time to bring-back personal responsibility to bloated, lazy self-entitled Americans, even if we must legislate their compliance:

Force contracts – All homeowners who abandoned their mortgages should be forced to return and re-negotiate the mortgages. Those who welsh should be arrested, and jailed if necessary.

Force thrift – Make it a Federal Crime for anyone to lender to give someone debt that takes them over half of their disposable income.

Let’s place the blame for this mess squarely where it belongs, on the shoulders of those Americans who have lost their scruples. . . .

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