Redneck Candy

The latest fad is customized candy and all of the major vendors are doing it.

Everyone likes custom candy flavors, like this one, custom candy flavors, just for rednecks:

Candy flavors for redneck palates

But custom candy is now personalized!

M & M candy can now be personalized with your face or company logo.

You can even get Nascar candies, very nice:

Custom NASCAR candy for rednecks

But you can even get customized M&M’s with custom faces printed on them:

I dunno, that baby’s face on the candy looks kinda creepy to me . . .

Andy Burleson's first marathon

Andrew Burleson completed his first Marathon today and he finished all 26 miles! As a respite from studying for his masters degree in business administration, Andy ran the 2nd annual OBX Marathon on the North Carolina cape outer banks.

The marathon started on the outer banks north of nags head and ended in Manteo on Sunday, November 11.

Janet, Noel and and I were there to cheer him on. . .

Janet & Noel at the outer banks marathon

Andrew Burleson finished 321 out of more than 1,000 competitors, completing the grueling 26 mile run in under four hours!

He got a nice medal for completing the marathon and he is now qualified to run in the Boston Marathon.

Andrew Sean Burleson finishes his 26 mile marathon

I never noticed it before, but Andy has inherited my washboard abs:

Andy and Dusty were in serious pain as they approached the finish line, we were impressed:

Andrew Burleson and Dusty Oakley completing the 26 mile marathon

At the marathon finish line everyone gathered to cheer on the runners:

Afterwards we went out for barbequeue. Is it just me, or is this sign just wrong?

Pigman’s BBQ creepy sign

See our full notes here on the NC outer banks marathon.

Racism in Google keyword suggestions!

I love the Google keyword suggestion feature because it shows what other people are using for their keyword searches. However, Google also shows racist queries. Consider this query “why do black”. Try this yourself, the results are surprising:

Racist Google keyword suggestions about black people

Every racial stereotype, watermelon, fried chicken, plus frequencies so you can see how popular the racial stereotypes are! And it’s the same for other races! Consider this for “why do white”:

Racist Google keyword suggestions indicating white people stereotypes

I love the “why do white people smell like wet dogs!” That one is true I guess, many people from Asia have asked me that!

And let’s not forget “why do Asians”:

Racist stereotypes of Asians as reported by Google

In America anyone can become president, but racial stereotypes are alive and well. How are cartoonists going to draw Obama?

Everyone in the public eye is the butt of jokes and their features are exaggerated, but I wonder if drawing the president with black features will be accepted?

(Thanks Robin for the searches!)

A miracle fruit flavor tripping party

Planning a miracle fruit flavor tripping party

See my complete notes here on having fun with Miracle Fruit and having a flavor tripping party.

The latest rage in Manhattan is to have a flavor tripping party and its great fun. You prepare a platter of bitter foods and then ingest “Miracle Fruit”, special berries that deaden your taste for bitter flavors.

Step one – get miracle berries. As of today, they cost about $2 each:

$40 in miracle fruit does a party for ten

Step 2 – Prepare a tasting of super bitter foods

This part is easy, just load up with bitter foods, sour fruits, hot sauces, tequila and so on.

Chef James Gray with flavor tripping platter

Step 3 – Start tripping!

Eating the Miracle fruit numbs your tongue, and you can feel the numbness for about an hour, but be prepared, everything taste sweet!

Far and away, the favorites were sour citrus. Key Lime juice can be sipped without puckering, and fresh lines and grapefruit taste like sweet candy.

Sure, the Miracle fruit thing is just a fad, but it’s something fun to do, something different in a gastronomic wasteland. . . .

The Interphone of WWII

In this age of the Internet, not many people remember interphones.

Not many people know this, but B-17 crews of WWII in the pacific in 1942 called their radio’s “Interphones”.

These were the interconnected radio transmitters like we remember from TV shows like Twelve O’Clock High . . .