Family Guy Sang!

Family Guy Sings was created to support the Writers Guild of America (WGA), a great new singing event with all proceeds going to the WGA.

The real show as all about Seth McFarlane, a talented vocalist who moved seamlessly between his voices for Stewie, Brian the dog and Peter Griffin. He minute he flashes his smile, you know that Seth is a smart-ass, in this case, a $100m very-smart-ass.

In addition to having a wicked sense of humor, McFarlane is a skilled pianist and singer who in his early years trained with Frank Sinatra’s vocal coach. The tiny midget Seth Green (of Entourage fame) was also comic relief, voicing Chris Griffin.

McFarlane was dress-out well in a well-tailored suit with a crisp white shirt, but the effect was ruined with his sneakers which made is pants look weird and puffy, like a creepy old man. It was clear that McFarlane was a tad nervous at first, but he hit his stride later in the show.

Seth Macfarlane has had a lucky life. He was booked on doomed Flight 11 on 9/11/2001, the plane that crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade center!

He missed a one-way trip to ground zero due to having a bad hangover . . . Imagine the survivors guilt.

As you might expect, the croud was roudy and McFarland did a great job keeping the hecklers in control mocking them “Do you think that you are at home? You are in F**king Carnegie Hall“.

Mc Farlane singing a Stewie/Brian duet

There are very few events in Carnegie Hall that are “wicked classy”, but this one was unique. Everyone I spoke with said that the show was an hour too long. It would have been better with a half-hour eposide, or at least a new episode, so as not to bore people. Even the cast readers were bored, playing with their PDA’s. From my view, hald the audience was also multi-tasking . . .

The “special” event, the singing of the Cleveland Show Theme song was runied by bad acoustics, and you could not hear the words!

The shows were held at Carnegie Hall on Monday, November 24 & Tuesday, November 25, 2008, before a packed house, including a few too-many 11 years olds, one of whom had snagged a front-row seat . . .

Who takes an 11 year old to Cargegie Hall?

Left to right, we see the voices of Cleveland, Meg, Chris, Lois and Peter/Brian/Stewie, plus some 11 year old whose parents are no doubt answering questions from Child Protective Services . . .

The show highlights were his renditions of the “Freaking FCC”, and watching the ladies voice the “embarrassing” lines, like when pretty Mila Kunis was speaking lustfully to a pack of hot dogs . . .
This was a perfect chance to introduce our kids to haute couture, and we took them shopping for fancy duds so they did not feel out-of-place in Carhegie Hall:

Andy with his new leather coat

Jen with her “Coach” bag

Jen is beaming in her new outfit, and she thinks that her Coach bag is real . . .

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