Make a medical specimen in a jar

So many Christmas gifts lack that “personal touch”, and you never see anything hand crafted anymore except Aunt Sarah’s inedible fruitcakes that would gag a maggot. . .

Well, fear not! Here is a great idea, a do-it-yourself medical specimen!

What is it? Well, that’s part of the fun . . .

WTF is in that jar?

What a great hand-crafted Christmas gift idea! Drew, the artist notes:

“Usually when I make a Thing in a Jar, I try to keep the shape ambiguous enough so that the viewer cannot really pin down exactly what they’re looking at.

The glass jar acts as a physical barrier, preventing the viewer from directly accessing its contents. The murky fluid acts as a visual barrier, making the exact details of the form indistinct. The viewer is forced to fill in the gaps with their own imagination.

I think this is much cooler than, for example, a painting, which basically has this big implicit sign hanging off of it that says, “I am just a painting of an object, not the object itself. Obviously you are not looking at a real alien fetus.”

You gotta admit, they are quite the conversation starter, and a great way to show off your creativity.

You can also add fake eye, a nice touch for that “fetus” feel:

It’s a great way to be creative, the perfect conversation piece, great for Christmas . . . .

Learn how to make a “thing in a jar” here.

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