Real redneck art is now available online

Yes, it’s true. Rare Redneck Art is now available online!

I’m excited to announce that Rampant TechPress has acquired rights to an an exclusive engagement with renowned redneck artist Travis Carter.

See my notes here on how to make your own authentic redneck art.

Yes, it’s Travis Carter himself, one of Rocky Ford’s premier redneck artists, available to create investment quality 21st century folk art.

The Travis Carter Fine Art Center
Franklinton, North Carolina, USA

Redneck Art – The 21st century American Folk Art Movement

Anything made by a poor country person has intrinsic art value, with prices reaching over a million dollars for the rarest Colonial blue-collar Americana. But this was all due to savvy marketing. Calling it “Old poor folks stuff” did not sell well, so the sellers re-named it rare American folk art, and the market exploded.

Tell me honestly, what do you think about the intrinsic artistic talent of this 1817 redneck?

See, redneck art is the next incarnation of the folk art movement, the 21st century equivalent of samplers and hard-carved ivory powder horns.

For investment redneck folk art, the trick is to identify the redneck art that will become tomorrow’s valuable antique art. But where can you find a worthy redneck artist? Fear not, I’ve done the work for you.

Travis is a redneck’s redneck, with all of the charm and good taste that you expect from a top-shelf redneck artist.

Travis Carter

It’s the redneck doorbell (“Doe bell“™), re-worked and modernized for the 21st century red neck estate:

Original Redneck Art “Doe Bell”

But it’s not like other investment art that you put in your safe deposit box for safe keeping; you can proudly display your investment in redneck art. Having a distinctly redneck doorbell send a message to the whole world about your taste and good breeding.

We are also exploring the market for redneck bobblehead, and redneck gift baskets, a taste of home, shipped anywhere across the globe. I like the design of the redneck bobblehead, and I hope that people don’t think of me as being a “poser”, and unworthy of the coveted title of Redneck:

The Don Burleson redneck bobblehead – coming soon

This is a real offer

American Butt art does not get any better than this. Upon your order, Travis will select the butt that meets your needs and customize your “doe bell” with the orifices of your choice.

I suspect that many of you are thinking “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Well, THIS IS NOT A GAG. Just click the “Buy It Now” button, and you will get a custom deer doorbell, designed by Travis Carter himself!

* Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. (The deer don’t give up their butts without a fight.)

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