Coyote trapping tips – Trapping the wild Coyote

Trapping the wild Coyote

Coyotes are proliferating everywhere, and we are now seeing then stalking their prey on the golf courses:

A wild Coyote in California

Jen3’s finance’ David is a knowledgeable fellow, the old man hunter from Huntsville. Check out this close-up view of a wild coyote:

A captured Coyote in Rocky Ford NC

Coyote Ugly

The slang term “Coyote Ugly” refers to this phenomenon whereby a gal is so butt-ugly that a guy would be will willing to chew-off his own leg just to get away from her:

Coyote Ugly

Even with the new “humane” leg traps, many trapped animals will choose to chew-off their legs to avoid capture.

According to David (an experienced trapper), trapped animals will not bold, fend, mindle or sputilate themselves until after sunrise, when they feel “exposed” and become fearful enough to bite off their own legs to avoid capture.

David with his live Coyote

David was even nice enough to bring-alone a dead squirrel for Noel. As you can see, she was quite enamored with the carcass.

Domesticating the wild Coyote

Dogs have the most flexible DNA of any mammal, and with a breeding generation of only 3 years, breeders can “domesticate” any wild species of dog with ease. This study is Russia did selective breeding on foxes, and found that after only a few generations, the foxes started to change their physical appearance, becoming “pet like”, and they even changed color!

Foxes become dog-like with selective breeding

According to this web site, Coyote pups are trainable like a dog, and cute too:

A baby Coyote

See my notes here on trapping wild Coyotes in North Carolina.

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