A Rocky Ford Redneck Christmas!

The Christmas season is a time for families to come together and share activities that people will remember fondly for the rest of their lives. As aspiring rednecks, we chose to have a good old fashioned redneck Christmas and shoot guns!

We cannot claim to have achieved a true state of redneck yet, but we keep trying. It’s a lofty goal, and we are working hard to be worthy. At least my picture comes-up when you Google for red neck:

It’s funny how people have their own personal preferences for guns. Janet and the kids are partial to handguns, Andy likes the 9mm Glock, while the girls like their ladies designer handguns:

Jen Burleson at the pistol range

I got a chance to try out the latest assault rifles, two civilian models of the AR-15, a popular military weapon:

Assault rifles are the ultimate home protection weapon

They were very nice, but I was surprised that the AR-15 is just a glorified .22 caliber rifle, the bullets only .223 cal. but with a whopping muzzle velocity:

The .223 compared to a .38 handgun bullet

The military model also has a feature where you rock-forward the safety, and a single trigger squeeze will blast-off a 3-round burp.

One of the problems today is getting redneck kids to develop a love of guns, but I was surprised to see some great new models in the children’s section of the gun shop. Man, I wish they made these when Jen was a little girl.

The Hello Kitty Assault Rifle for Children

Of course, we wrapped-up our wonderful day with a traditional redneck Christmas meal, like this redneck gourmet platter:

A traditional redneck Christmas Meal

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