A little pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving

Meet “Pumpkin Pie”

It’s always fun to have a new baby in the house during the holidays, and this year we got our latest baby, appropriately named for Thanksgiving as “Pumpkin Pie”.

Pumpkin is a 9-week-old Rottweiler puppy, and just like a human toddler, the house is cluttered with dog toys and pizzle chew toys:

Our Thanksgiving baby!

Pumpkin will live in the house with us for the next 10 week, during which she will learn basic obedience, Schutzhund training and most important, never to kill small animals. Our Yorkie Noel is especially excited to have a new playmate, and Pumpkin has already learned to “play gentle”, since she is only four pounds:

Baby Rotties must learn to be gentle

Properly raised, Rotties are very loving, and they love baby animals. They will even nurse kitties! The famous Rottweiler Carl could be trusted with even the youngest children.

The ultimate protection dog!

Pumpkin will soon join the outside pack where her job will be to protect and defend her “family”, which includes her horses and ponies, but they can even be trained to protect chickens and Guinea hens, while ignoring any non-aggressive wild critters like possums and squirrels!

When Pumpkin joins the dog pack, she will quickly learn which vermin are to be destroyed, in our case, foxes and raccoons. The raccoons are frequently rabid, and just yesterday Jen3’s Dad shot one who was foaming at the mouth. Raccoons are nasty, annoying critters, with no respect for dogs:

Raccoons are unkind to dogs

But make no mistake, Pumpkin will viscously attack any critter who threatens her family, and Rotties will draw and quarter any Raccoon who dares attack their poultry. They are usually disemboweled so thoroughly that the only evidence is a raccoon tail lying near the chicken house. They will also make short work of rats and other vermin:

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