The "Shop Dropping" fad

The new College fad: “Dropping”

Some of my young charges have alerted me to a new College fad called “dropping”.

As I understand it, dropping is the opposite of shoplifting, and the goal is to smuggle goods into a retail store! It’s an honest alternative to the nasty game of extreme shoplifting:

Video on extreme shoplifting

I’m told that dropping requires all of the cunning of shoplifting, but without the stealing, but it sound a tad weird to me:

Shop Dropping for girls

Some sororities are now requiring a dropping initiation, and it works something like this:

1 – The pledge starts at a thrift store, seeking the most repulsive crack whore gown that she can find. They get extra points for blood and semen stains.

2 – The pledge smuggles the gown into a high-end clothing store with the goal of putting the groady gown onto the racks without being seen. They get extra points for dropping in a super high-end store like Gucci or Fendi.

3 – They get extra points for placing the gown on a mannequin, an act that requires a pack of sisters working together.

The payoff happens when a customer pulls the gown from the rack . . .

Shop Dropping for guys

For young men, dropping often involves smuggling a live chicken into the dressing room of a high-end clothier like Brooks Brothers:

1 – The guy buys a live chicken at the farmer’s market or Chinatown (on Delancy St.). If grown chickens are not available, baby chicks or bunny rabbits can be substituted. However, it’s not recommend to use both a chicken and a bunny:

2 – The chicken is smuggled into the store under a coat. (Any farmer knows that it’s easy to carry a live chicken. Chickens have a “darkness reflex”, and they become zombies in the dark, so that part is easier than it sounds). The larger the chicken, the more points . . .

3 – The chicken is dropped in a dressing room.

The payoff is watching a well-dressed clerk chasing the foul around the store.

Ah, those whacky college kids. . . .

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