Tax law encourages murder & suicide in 2010

Congress and the Fed know that they can manipulate taxpayer behavior at-will by changing the tax laws.

But we should not let congress pass tax laws that cause people to die, as-is the case in 2010 when thousands of people will commit suicide or be sent to a premature grave.

Stop the killing now before it’s too late

It’s a long story, but in the year 2010 we see a “golden year” whereby all inheritance will be totally tax free:

2007 – 45% tax on inheritances over $2 million
2008 – 45% tax on inheritances over $2 million
2009 – 45% tax on inheritances over $3.5 million
2010 – NO Taxes!!!!
2011 – 45% tax on inheritances over $1 million

If you accept my argument that Congress controls human behavior, it’s clear that there will be thousands (if not tens of thousands) of people who will either be murdered or commit suicide to save the inheritance tax.

Personally, I find this tax offensive. Taxpayers already paid 40% tax on their money when they earned it, and the government should not re-tax the heirs.

For cheap old folks who want their inheritance to pass in-full tax free, 2010 is a great year to commit suicide. The article offers some suggestions for killing yourself early to avoid having your heirs pay millions in taxes:

“What we’re recommending is a high-quality hunting rifle. It’s dependable, easy to operate and almost certain to be completely undamaged by the incident, so that it can be passed on in mint condition to the heirs–who, of course, would pay absolutely no inheritance tax on it.”

I’m predicting that there will be a measurable spike in the premature deaths of people in December 2010, all directly attributed to these tax laws.

Stop the government-encouraged suicide

It’s not gone unnoticed that congress has given hundreds of thousands of people an incentive to save their heirs millions of dollars by killing themselves in 2010:

“In fact, many practitioners have suggested that in 2010, wealthy clients who are not physically well should consider chartering a plane to the Netherlands or some similar country that permits assisted suicide.”

If somebody was dying of a terminal disease and could screw Uncle Sam out of $20,000,000, I’m sure that they would consider checking-out a few months early. It’s beyond irresponsible to give people an incentive to die.

Murder rates will skyrocket in 2010

I believe that in the last quarter of 2010 we will see a measurable increase in murder, as heirs decide to bump-off Granny rather then loose millions of dollars to inheritance taxes.

While murder for inheritance is nothing new, there can be no doubt that a few people will kill their aging relatives in order to gain millions of dollars.

From Allposters:

So, what can we do? It’s simple, just construct a mortmain per stirpes to ensure that your death in 2010 will result in your fortune going to some ridiculous charity . . .

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