Your first hole-in-one

Getting your first hole in one

They say that getting your first hole-in-one is a life-changing experience, but it’s a feeling that has yet eluded me. Janet got a hole-in-one on a 30-yard pitch-and-putt in England a few years back, but it’s quite another thing to get a hole-in-one on a par 72 course.

I got a glimpse of this yesterday when I came with 18 inches of a hole-in-one on a par 3, 143 yard hole. Janet and I just joined a second country club, and as first-timers, the members always check you out, it’s only natural. Their golf course is great fun, but challenging, with narrow fairways, high changes in elevation, giant bunkers and small greens, a humbling experience all-around.

Their signature hole is the 9th, a tight uphill hole with the green adjacent to the clubhouse where everyone can see your shot. Here is the hole:

After the first 8 holes plagued with triple bogies, I knew that we were being watched. I made a point of dropping my ball at the tee box to show that I didn’t need any stinking tee, and using my trusty six-iron, I hit a one in a hundred shot that Tiger Woods would have been satisfied with. It was perfection, a hit shot that dented the green just a few inches from the pin! BTW, these Callaway Big Bertha irons are amazing, the best I’ve ever used, perfect for a beginner like me.

After my lucky shot, folks lined-up on the veranda to see if Janet’s was a crack shot, and I made the mistake of telling her, too much stress for a beginner:

Henderson Country club

She made a valiant effort, but dribbled her shot . . .

As a brand-new member I wondered if anyone would mention my shot, which is a common occurrence at this club because they have many outstanding golfers. I made it clear that I’m a beginner, but it was nice to get a glimpse of glory, and even though today was not my day, I now have a taste for a hole-in-one, and I’ll surely be working on my short game.

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