Horseback riding in Central Park

Horseback riding in Central Park is a real treat!

In sad news, this article reports that the Claremont Stable is closing after 115 years of operation:
“Claremont Riding Academy on the Upper West Side, a national historical site and the oldest continuously operated stable in the country, is closing down for lack of business, employees said last night.”

Opened in 1892, the Claremont provided me and Janet for many a pleasant afternoon of riding in Central Park. Nestled on the upper west side on 89th near Columbus, I have no doubt that the real estate is worth millions, and this factors into the closing decision:

It was at the Claremont that Janet and I discovered that horses could understand traffic signals and guide their riders the long block to Central Park. It was part of this observation that led us to develop the “Guide Horse Foundation”. We love taking our horses to NYC:

The Claremont stable is amazing, with a tiny riding area inside, a multi-levels where the horses would be sent up-and-down on large ramps.

We will miss those great afternoons, running-down joggers in Central Park from horseback. . .

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