Gourmet dog food

Our spoiled Yorkie eats only Chef Michael’s dog food:

At about $1 for 3 ounces, that’s a cost of over $5 a pound for dog food!

Also, this new people/petfood website offers foods for both man and beast, crossover chow for dog livers who want to dine with Fido!

“The very same plant that makes food for humans makes Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance® Eatables™ For Dogs! Eatables™ is a complete and balanced premium dog food which contains a superior mixture of the finest meats, as well as fresh vegetables and premium ingredients your dog will love.”

In some foreign countries (Europe) you can take Fido to dinner, and it’s also becoming popular in California, where posh Rodeo Drive eateries allow Fido to dine with you in the patio area.

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