Creative Segway Kiosks

The segway has evolved from a gyro toy into a legitimate utility vehicle despite the $6k price tag and the mega-nerd reputation.

We see that the segway folks are going to great lengths to find uses for these silly things. Most folks don’t know that a segway can clip along at over 15 MPH, and the new Gen-3 Segways have removed the problem of steering by allowing leaning to indicate a turn (the Gen-2 models have a turkey left-side hand steering contraption).

Segway for Sports

Segway golf is becoming popular, but it’s not much help standing through 18 holes:

Segway Kiosks are also a new fad as they take-up only a small space and they are mobile:

It’s a true story that President Bush fell off a Segway, and in fairness, they can be difficult to learn at first:

The military is also exploring the Segway technology, most likely because of the Macho reputation of Segway users.

And let’s not forget that it was the rednecks who invented the Segway idea:

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